The Flu Goes Viral

The flu has spread from person to person, and has finally infected the web. Turns out, people love to share with their social media followers on Facebook and Twitter that they have come down with the flu. According to Mashable, Crimson Hexagon ran a sentiment analysis in the beginning of December, and there have been 626,379 mentions of the flu on the two social platforms. Forty percent had the actual phrase “I have the flu” on their sites, which translates to 250,000 users.

Twitter seems to be the outlet that people like to complain about their sickness; it was the source of 90% of the mentions. We all know that this flu season has been more intense than most, but it is quite interesting that social media is reflecting the same sentiment.  We can see that not only are people talking about it, but they are actively searching for it on the web.

Another website that is tracking where the flu is most active is Flu Near You. It features an interactive map that shows where flu victims are located, where the flu seems to be inactive and various stages of symptoms reported. 


Luckily, mentions of the flu seem to be dropping quickly. This flu season has shown us how accurately social media can display, and even predict illnesses that are a threat to everyone. 

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