Reasons why your Facebook Page isn’t Successful

You have dotted your I’s and crossed your T’s, but your practice’s Facebook page still isn’t getting much traction. The world of social media can be confusing at times so instead of telling you all of the things you aren’t doing, let’s review what you may be overlooking. Before you give up on it all, take a look at what Health Care Communication News thinks are the top reasons why your page isn’t taking off.

  1. You don’t promote it. Just having a page isn’t enough. You have to let people know that you have a great page that will provide them with relevant information about your practice and health in general. The first step is to make sure people know you exist.
  2. You don’t post regularly. This is where having a content schedule comes in handy. If you don’t have a plan, you will not post regularly. Create content far in advance of when you post to ensure the process is seamless.
  3. Your posts are automated.  There is not a set time of day that you should be making Facebook posts. Also, Facebook allows you to add a thumbnail to any post, and this option doesn’t always work using an automated system. Posts with pictures get more interactions.
  4. You don’t engage your audience. Great content includes great discussions. Ask your audience to share thoughts and opinions about appropriate topics.
  5. You don’t use other media.  It is easy to embed videos and upload pictures, so why not utilize this option?  Facebook gives you the opportunity to break away from text-only posts, allowing you to engage more with your audience.
  6. You don’t post good content.  It is essential that people see you as a serious source of information. If you aren’t doing that, then what is the point of the page? Study your page. See what posts got the most traction and move in that direction in future posts.
  7. You don’t customize your page.  Take advantage of any opportunity that Facebook gives you to customize your page. At the very least make sure that your cover photo and profile picture look professional and are correctly sized.
  8. You’re not present.  This is crucial. If someone comments on your Facebook page and never gets a response, this will be the last time they interact with your business. Respond to every comment in a timely manner. Take the time to capitalize on your hard work!
  9. You post at the wrong times. There is no magical time to post, but studies have shown that Facebook is most active when people get off of work and on the weekends. Experiment with different posting times and find what works best for you.
  10. You don’t pay attention to your analytics. Get into the habit of looking at the analytics Facebook provides. Take an hour a month to really see what is happening on your page.

Taking the time to make these changes will help your Facebook page tremendously. If you are interested in starting a Facebook page, or want to revamp the one you already have, contact for information on how to enroll in HCAPS Promote My Practice program.

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