What to Expect from Social Media in 2013

Social Media keeps getting larger and larger, and we can take away from 2012 that it isn’t going anywhere soon. So let’s stay on the ball and see what we can expect from 2013.

1.       Social Media becomes even more critical to businesses.

This is nothing new, but especially for smaller businesses social media continues to be more relevant.  In 2013 small businesses will see social media as a daily activity critical to their success.

2.       Images will be the best tool for engagement. 

A recent study showed that Facebook posts with photos are “Liked” twice as much as ones only containing text as well as videos as Facebook being shared 12 times more than links and text-only post. Pinterest, which is completely photo based is referring more traffic than Google +, Twitter and LinkedIn.  In 2013 images will be more powerful than ever.

3.       LinkedIn will grow.

LinkedIn hasn’t always been on top in the social media game, but they have made a lot of improvements through 2012, and will be very prevalent in your professional life in 2013.

4.Content and success go hand-in-hand in 2013.

Engaging content is the most important aspect of operating a social media site. Giving people valuable information will keep them coming back to your site and sharing your content.

To see more predictions read the full article here!

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