Social Media: Who Are You Reaching?

When posting your clever Facebook posts and informative tweets you have to consider who is reading your content. Health Care Communication News recently posted an article detailing demographics from the Pew Internet and Life Project.

  1. Gender – 65 percent of women are seeking out Healthcare information online
  2. Age – This one may come as a surprise.  Ages 18-29 make up the largest percentage of people looking up healthcare information online. This age group is more familiar with how to navigate the web than any other age group. This age group is most likely finding information for their parents and grandparents.  Ages 30-49 are a close second, followed by the 65+ age group.
  3. Ethnicity – 60 percent of Caucasians look online for healthcare related information while 50 percent of African Americans and Hispanics follow.
  4. Income – Eighty-three percent of people that make over $75,000 go online for healthcare information, while only 41 percent of those who make less than $31,000 seek out information. It is important to market to both segments considering the average American is in the $31,000 range.
  5. Education – The more educated a person, the more likely they are to look online for healthcare information. Eighty -one percent of people who went to graduate school look online for health information while only 24 percent with some high school do the same.

So what are people looking for?

  • 66 percent look for information about a specific disease state of medical problem.
  • 56 percent look for certain medical treatments or new procedures.
  • 44 percent look for a doctor.
  • 36 percent look for a hospital.
  • 33 percent look for information about their health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

Knowing your audience is the only way to have a successful online presence. Catering your content to who are speaking to will allow them to receive your information better. If you are interested in creating content for the web or enrolling your practice in HCAPS Promote My Practice program, contact

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