How to Get a Personal Statement From Your Physician

If you are currently claiming your online profiles, you will find that many ask for a statement from your physician(s). This could be called a care philosophy, personal statement, etc. You will need to get a couple of sentences from your physician that describes their style of medical care. It can be difficult to put something together that sounds reputable, interesting and genuine.  According to Health Care Communication News, there are four sentences that you can start, and then let the provider finish to get a good sound bite.

  1. I empathize with patients who have this condition because…
  2. My approach starts with…
  3. The most surprising/amazing/scary/remarkable thing was…
  4. What most people don’t realize about this condition is…

Giving your physician the opportunity to finish a sentence, rather than just answer a question will give the reader more insight into their thoughts. It is important to for your physician to answer questions that pertain to the condition that they treat. Their patients want to know that they are committed to helping their aliment.

One final tip: Keep the personal statement about the provider. Many times, this section is filled in with a mission statement from the practice, but that is not what patients want to read. They want a quote from their current or future physician, not a plug for the practice.

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