4 Demographics for Marketing Primary Care Physicians

Whether you’re target audience is millennials or Baby Boomers, you need to know the best tactics for promoting your practice’s primary care physicians.

In order to reach the right people, you need to understand patients’ wants and needs. These are based on age, gender and life events. A post on Healthcare Communication covers a few different types of scenarios to consider when developing promotions for primary care physicians.


The 20-something immortal. Sarah is starting a new chapter in her life, leaving the nest for the first time to begin her career. I part of her believes she will live forever, although she understands that she needs to stay healthy. When looking for a doctor, she may consider doctor’s age, degree and accessibility. She wants someone smart, but also someone she can relate to. She will use internet resources, such as Vitals or HealthGrades, to aid in her search for the right doctor. To reach Sarah online, try offering physician credentials and the ability to book an appointment right on the spot.

The honeymooners. Newlyweds James and Dianne are in their early thirties and are expecting a new addition to the family. They care about their health and the well-being of their growing family. They are looking for a family doctor who they can go to for a baby’s fever at 5 a.m. or for a backache from painting the new nursery. They are likely to be reading mommy blogs and magazines that promote healthy living. The best way to reach James and Dianne is online, by providing useful information about family health on your practice’s blog.

The new man in town. David is a seasoned professional, who recently moved to a new city for a job promotion. He doesn’t know anyone yet and he recently found out about a health condition he has. Personal testimonials are the most important factor to him when choosing the right primary care physician. Gaining positive online reviews is the best way to reach David in his search. Before they leave the office, encourage current patients to write testimonials online. This is an opportunity to promote your physicians through loyal customers.

Healthy as an ox. Margret is in her fifties, is very physically active and hasn’t seen a doctor in over a decade. She thinks she is generally healthy and doesn’t want to look for “problems that aren’t there.” The best opportunity to reach Margret lies in educating her about potential health problems by providing routine screenings like blood pressure or cholesterol. You can also educate Margret by keeping up with a blog online and writing about various health risks that may affect her.

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