25 Tips to Managing Facebook like a Pro

You have a Facebook page…now what? Managing social media doesn’t have to be time consuming and confusing. Healthcare Communication News thinks the following tips should be known by anyone managing a Facebook page. Take a look at the first eight! Here is what you need to know,

1. How to schedule posts in advance. If you are writing a content schedule each month, you have already won half of the battle. Making sure that your posts are sent out at the right time is equally important. When you post a status update, you will see a little clock symbol below the update that lets you choose the exact time that your post will go live. Being busy is no longer an excuse not to post on time!

2. How to understand competitions.  According to the Facebook rules, business owners are not allowed to run competitions where Facebook users need to like, comment or share to enter a competition.

3. How to run competitions. To successfully run a competition on Facebook, a third party app needs to be involved. The most popular are Wildfire, Snap App Votigo, Woobox, and Strutta.

 4. How to invite friends to your page. At the top of your Facebook page where it says “Build Audience”, you can click on “Invite Friends.” This brings up your personal friends. If you think the page is relevant to some of them, ask them to “like” it and they will be sent an invite.

 5. How to add multiple admins to the page. When you are on your business’ Facebook page, go to the top of the page, click “Edit Page” and then select “admin roles.”

Once here, you can add a new administrator by selecting the person’s Facebook account, or sending them an email.

6. How to manage roles. Now you can assign different roles to different people!

7. How to promote your updates. If you are ready to spend a little money on Facebook here is a great advertising tool. Under each status update, you will see button saying “Promote This Post.” By clicking on this and paying Facebook some money, your post gets seen by more people who “like” your page. Normally, only 10-15 percent of people that like your page will see your updates.

 8. How to understand EdgeRank. EdgeRank judges posts on weight, affinity and time decay. Posts that are made during key hours of the day and are popular will spread across your Facebook network. Photos are great way to improve your EdgeRank.

Stay tuned for the next 8 ways to manage Facebook like a pro. Or if you can’t wait, click  here to see the full article!

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