100 Ideas for Social Media Engagement

Participating in social media gives you a direct communication line with your patients, prospective patients, influencers and more. Engaging in social media will help build relationships with your patients and establish credibility for your practice.

Radian6.com recently posted an article that includes 100 uses of social media engagement. The list of examples is divided into 10 categories by areas of interest. Below are the 10 categories and my top 5 picks from each category:

Customer Service

  • Respond to customer questions
  • Respond to customer complaints
  • Share links to FAQs
  • Ask for customer testimonials
  • Share customer success stories

Content Sharing

  • Tweet links to your content
  • Link to others’ content in you blog posts
  • Share content that highlights industry trends
  • Create and share videos from events and conferences
  • Bookmark content and share it in your email signature

Thought Leadership

  • Engage in a Twitter chat
  • Share content from industry leaders
  • Like and follow other brands and people in your industry
  • Comment on industry leaders’ blog posts
  • Lead a webinar

Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness

  • Create a Facebook poll
  • Request user generated content
  • Create a hashtag around your campaign
  • Ask for feedback on campaigns
  • Update your campaign based on user feedback

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Include key phrases in your tweets
  • Link to your blog from Facebook
  • Include keywords in your blog post headlines and body
  • Tag and name your images
  • Categorize and tag your blog with key phrases

Crisis Communications

  • Tweet updates as they arise
  • Respond quickly to posts
  • Build a command center
  • Create a Facebook group around the issue
  • Share press releases on social channels

Influencer Outreach

  • Introduce yourself to influencers on Twitter
  • Ask influencers for a guest blog post
  • Link to influencers content
  • Interview influencers on your blog
  • Plan a webinar around them

Product Development

  • Survey customers on your site
  • Create a Facebook poll
  • Join an existing forum
  • Create a forum
  • Crowdsource ideas

Lead Generation

  • Blog about helpful information
  • Promote a strong call to action
  • Optimize site and blog for mobile viewers
  • Share peer referrals
  • Answer all questions

Competitive Intelligence

  • Look at competitors’ Facebook fan count
  • Look at competitors’ followers on Twitter
  • Know which of their posts are successful
  • Read competitors’ blog
  • Learn how often they are posting

You can read all 100 ideas here!

One thought on “100 Ideas for Social Media Engagement

  1. Thanks for writing a post based on our 100 Uses of Social Media Engagement. Glad it was helpful and you picked some good ones to focus on! If you ever have any questions or ideas for us, feel free to let me know. 🙂

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