Transparency: The Key to Social Media Success

The Webster dictionary defines transparency as being easily detected, seen through and readily understood. Your practice and physicians should all embody this.  When a patient walks through the doors of your practice, they should know exactly what type of establishment they are entering.  Kevin MD further explains what it means to be transparent online and what patients are looking for.  

  • People “who” are doctors. Patients are searching for people who are doctors, not doctors who are people. They want to know that you are a human before an M.D. Physicians that share their personal and professional interests online are going to be more successful than those who don’t.
  • It is not what you are, but who you are. Patients not only want to feel that you are human, but they want to be able to relate to you. They are glad you went to medical school, but what else is there to know about you? This further reinforces posting personal and professional interests on blogs, physician profiles, etc.
  • Social media experiment. The goal is to start a real conversation with a patient. It is important to encourage a relationship with current and prospective patients. Remember, most patients will meet you online before they ever meet you in person.
  • Do not be afraid to engage. Static social media sites add no marketing value for your practice.Post regularly and respond to appropriate comments. This says a little bit about your bedside manner and a lot about how much you care.

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