Rethinking Your Content Strategy

What is your content strategy? This question is imperative to your social media success, but is so often not asked. Creating a strategy will ensure that you are posting quality content. Max Kringen shares some of his guiding principles when thinking of content strategy:

  • Be genuine. Be true to your practice’s culture. People respect transparency. Whether your practice is young and upcoming, or the most established one in your town, show that off.
  • Be consistent. Your practice should have its own unique voice, and stick with it. Don’t endorse an article or idea just because it is new. Write down what your practice’s beliefs and goals are, and make sure that your content is consistent with these two things.
  • Be organic. If your audience feels like all of your posts are generic and straight from the marketing department, they are less likely to become engaged with your practice.
  • Know your audience. If you are a pediatrician, most of your content needs to be specific to children, but aimed at mothers. Knowing who your patients are, and what they want to know is half the battle when it comes to good content.
  • Write well. If you know that you are not the best writer, reach out to someone in your organization to write for you, or help you.
  • Make it useful. Post content that your patients can actually use in everyday life. If it can’t be applied, then it’s not useful to anyone.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Tell your audience what they want or need to know and be done. Period.

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