3 Types of Blogging Styles

Ragan’s Health Care Communication News recently featured an article about three different blogging styles for health care organizations.

When starting a blog, it is important to determine what purpose you want your blog to serve. Do you want to educate readers about topics such as immunizations or the latest health research? Or do you want to connect emotionally by telling stories? Or do you want to work your own personal life experiences into your blog? Deciding what kind of blogging style you want to use is crucial because it will ultimately determine why your readers come back for more. Also, choosing a specific type of blogging provides boundaries and guidelines to follow, which is helpful when deciding what to write about. Here are the three kinds of blogging styles as outlined in the article:

Educational– Educational blogs are practical and cover topics that provide useful information to the audience. If you keep up with the latest health care news and want to share practical applications with a large audience, this type of blogging may be a good choice for you. 

Narrative– A narrative blog is powerful because it uses personal experience to drive content. A good narrative blog can pull readers in and captivate them through stories such as a tense moment in the ER or a special encounter with a patient. When using a narrative format, be careful not to let the story run too long or revel protected patient information.

Personal– A personal blog can be educational and narrative, but pulls largely on personal opinions and stories to drive content. This type of blogging is powerful because it provides insight into the blogger’s personal thoughts, fears and hopes. If you wish to give information through personal experience and are comfortable giving out details from your professional and personal life, than this type of blogging can help you connect with your audience. 

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