Physicians Influence App Downloads

There are 5,820 different medical apps available for people to download on their smartphones. Meaning, you could download one every day for the next fifteen years, and still have some to spare.  One generation in particular is relying on their doctors to guide them through this plethora of choices.

In a recent survey done by Mitchell PR, it found that sixty percent of baby boomers are more likely to download a medical app if their physician recommends doing so. This is a heavy influence for a physician to have. This means that physicians today need to not only be involved in a social media space, they need to be actively learning and educating themselves so that they can better advise their patients.

Along with this, physicians are also expected to understand who their patients are and what is important to them. According to Suzie Mitchell, president and chief financial officer of Mitchell Research and Communications, baby boomers want apps that are easy to navigate and have a large font size, and they are willing to pay up to $10 for an app.

The traditional role of a physician no longer exists.  Through these new roles, they are able to connect with, and influence their patients more than ever. Recommending the right medical app to a patient can keep them on schedule with medication, answer a simple question and even save a patient’s life.

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