A Social Media Site Just for Doctors?

The mixing doctors and social media is a new phenomenon that has proven to be an excellent way to encourage increased communication between doctors and their patients, as well as between doctors themselves.

Enter Doximity: a new professional social networking site that is specifically designed for doctors. So far, 700,000 doctors have already joined.

According to Konstantin Guericke, Doximity has the potential to save lives by lessening the chance of doctor error (the fifth most common cause of death) due to miscommunication. By using this network, doctors are better connected and have an opportunity to work with several doctors to improve patient treatment.

Doximity reveals a social network that is more tailored for physicians’ needs than LinkedIn, which is focused on businesses. Guericke says, “Doximity offers a HIPPA compliance solution and allows them to do their business, for example, referrals.”

By providing a platform for doctors to communicate with one another in compliance with HIPPA guidelines, Doximity has the potential to become a standard tool in an increasingly technology-based medical world.

However, Doximity will still have to compete with Sermo, which is currently the largest social network site for physicians.

Tell us what YOU think:

Would your physicians use this social media network?

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