Google+ Local Pages Now Show Competitor Practice’s Ratings

No more excuses! Google+ Local has added a new feature that makes it absolutely crucial for you to monitor your practices’ ratings and to garner more reviews.

While Google listings have previously included information on similar locations, they will now also include the ratings for those listings.

To underscore the importance of this update, consider these examples:

  1. A potential patient searches your practice and finds that there are no reviews. Then, they see that a competitive practice is listed with several positive reviews–which are they more likely to pursue? UH-OH.
  2. Another potential patient searches your practice and sees low ratings, especially compared to the competitor’s ratings also listed on the page. Who are they going to call? NOT GOOD.
  3. Yet another potential patient searches a competitor’s practice. Then, they see your practice listed with an exceptionally high rating. Who just gained another patient? SUCCESS!

The inclusion of practice ratings can either hurt or help your practice. To make sure that this addition brings nothing but positive changes, take the time to monitor the reviews on your Google+ pages and actively encourage your patients to write positive reviews.

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