11 Facebook Page Tricks You Don’t Know About

In this article from Mashable.com, they give 11 little-known tips and tricks for managing your Facebook page. Some of them we’ve discussed before (like #2 Pin Posts to the Top of Your Profile) but many are brand new!

Here are some of the highlights:

3. Reposition Photos

  • After posting a photo, the timeline preview sometimes cuts the image awkwardly. To reposition your photograph in a more attractive way (to garner more clicks!), select the pencil icon in the top right-hand corner of the post and then click “Reposition Photo” option from the drop-down menu. Select “Save” once you move the image to your desire position within the frame.

6.  Create a Poll

  • This option is a great,interactive way to connect with your patients. To create a poll/ask a question, select the “Event, Milestone +” button in the status box (found in the top left-hand corner of your profile) and then choose “Question.” You have the option to either ask an open-ended question or create specific choices by clicking “Add Poll Options.”

7. Highlight Posts

  • If your practice has a specific event or achievement you want to emphasize on your timeline, simply select the star in the top right-hand corner of the post you wish to highlight. This will make the post stretch across the width of your practice’s timeline. (If you wish to remove a post from highlights/make it small again, click the star again and select “Remove from Highlights.”)

9. Make Use of Your Activity Log

  • It is very important to regularly review your Facebook page’s content, especially posts from others. This can be accomplished easily by monitoring your Activity Log. Click “Edit Page” and select “Use Activity Log” from the drop down menu. This will list all activity on your practice’s page by date added. You can review specific content, such as posts by others, by selecting “Posts by others” in the drop down menu under “All.”

Check out the rest of Facebook tips and tricks by clicking here.

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