Facebook Adds New Duplicate Page Finder Tool

Duplicate Facebook pages take away valuable “likes” and visitors from your official practice page. Even worse, anyone including people not associated at all with your practice can make updates to your unclaimed Facebook page. The good news? Facebook is finally doing something about it.

The “Report Duplicates” module will allow you, as a Facebook page owner, to search and report unofficial pages. Once these pages are reviewed, Facebook will change the duplicate pages to “community pages that link back to the official fan page.”

To use this feature (which is not yet available to all page owners), you go to the “Edit Page/Update Info” dashboard and select “Report Duplicates.”

(All images are from this article by Brittany Darwell.)

Once the change has been made, the duplicate pages will have “Community Page” listed directly underneath their page name and will also include a link to your main practice page.

If you are a page owner who does not have this feature yet, you can search your practice’s name in the search bar to find duplicate/unofficial pages. If you find one that is not yet listed as a “Community Page,” simply click on the gear symbol to the right of the “Message” button and select “Report Page” from the drop-down menu.

Then, fill in the information on the pop-up window to classify the page as a duplicate.

It is crucial to search Facebook pages for any duplicates. Every single “like” counts–especially if you are still trying to cross the initial benchmark of 25 likes to gain a vanity URL.

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