How to Promote your Practice and Gain Readership

You’re blog page is practically immaculate. You have both an eye-catching layout and quality content.

So now what?

A blog is nothing without readers, so follow these tips from James DeBono on how to promote your blog, appear higher up in search engines, and gain readership.

Quality over quantity

  • Write content that is applicable to your practice and relevant to your patients. This is the kind of content that encourages readers to visit your blog repeatedly and recommend your blog to others.
  • While it is important to make a post at least once a month, don’t take this to mean that you have to post sub-standard content every day. It is better to have two relevant, interesting blog posts than 30 rubbish articles


  •  It’s simple: the more specific and numerous the tags, the better the chance you’ll attract interested readers.
  • For example: if you write a post about lung cancer, you could use the following tags: lung cancer, lung health, quit smoking, cancer, cancer prevention, etc…

Don’t forget offline promotion

  • Don’t leave promotion to the internet.  Put a link to your blog in your email signature and on your official practice website.
  • Mention it in conversation. For example, a patient asks you about lung cancer prevention. You can direct them to a blog post on the matter.

With a little bit of work, you can reap major rewards in increased internet relevance and blog readership.

Tell us what YOU think.

What blog promotion tool has worked the best for your practice?

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