Confession #13: I’m out of ideas. Where can I find more content?

You’ve done it! You’ve filled your social media pages with tons of quality content and then… you hit a brick wall. You’re fresh out of ideas. Well, never fear! There are tons of awesome resources full of information your readers will absolutely love. Here are a couple of our favorites:

1. WebMD

  • Not only does WebMD have informative articles about health-related topics, it also has tons of quizzes, videos, and slideshows. You can search for specific topics in the search bar or simply peruse the many categories.
  • A good starting point is to search “quiz” in the search bar. You’ll pull up tons of results; scan for an interesting quiz and build companion blog/Facebook posts from there.
  • For example: you find a quiz on hangovers. Then, you search for an article on the benefits and risks of alcohol. Then, you look up healthy alcoholic options. Before you know it, you’ve got a week’s worth of content!

2. CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • To be honest, you could probably find an awesome topic on the home page. There is consistently up-to-date, quality information about a variety of health and safety topics. If you want to explore, click on a letter of their A-Z Index on the top bar or search something in the search bar.
  • Every article/post on CDC is linked to several other articles on the same topic. This means it is easy to build tons of content from one starting point.
  • For example: You click on the story entitled “Immunization.” In that article alone, it links to pages on recommended vaccinations and another online tool that allows you to enter your child’s record and see if any important shots have been missed.

3. National Health Observances

  • This website lists all the national health observance months, weeks, and days (like Breast Cancer Awareness Month and World Aids Day). It’s a really useful starting point, especially if there is a particularly empty month on your content schedule.
  • For example: You choose to write about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Then, all month long you provide quality content you found from other sites like WebMD or CDC. It’s a clever way to keep your readers continually checking back for more information about that particular topic.

Now you have the tools to finish up your content schedules!

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