Yelp’s Growing Influence and Importance to your Practice

A few years ago, a typical response to mention of Yelp would be “Who?” Thanks to their relationship with Apple, however, this obscurity has been superseded by an impressive—and important­—social media presence.

Apple has used Yelp for content since the days of the iPhone 4S, but it is with the new iOS 6 that Yelp is receiving prominent placement in the iPhone’s local search experience.


(Images are from this post.)

Given the solid, loyal base of iPhone owners, Yelp will likely witness a major increase in local searches in the future. And if the new Apple Maps feature becomes a wild success, the number of local searches could be astronomical.

Yelp’s recent success solidifies the absolute necessity for your practice to claim their Page. It is now on par with Google in terms of its importance in local search engine optimization (SEO). It is crucial for your practice’s Yelp Page to be claimed and updated with correct information.

Read more about Yelp’s impressive rise.

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