Facebook’s New Scheduling Feature

Another much anticipated change to Facebook was rolled out this month. Facebook now allows Page admins to schedule posts to be published at a later date. Now you can publish posts to your Facebook Page even when you aren’t in the office.  Keep in mind that you will still want to monitor the Page anytime you schedule a post in case users reply to the post or ask a question.

Scheduling a post takes seconds:

1)      Click clock icon in the bottom right corner of the sharing tool.

2)      Choose the future year, month, day, hour and minute when you’d like your post to be published.

3)      Click “Schedule” and your done!

One note of caution, once you schedule a post you cannot modify or edit the content, only the time. You can view what you’ve scheduled or cancel any posts in the Activity Log. To access the Activity Log, go to the top of your Facebook Page, click the “Manage” drop-down menu and choose “Activity Log.” An arrow will appear when you hover over each post, enabling you to cancel or modify the post’s publish time.

For questions regarding how to schedule posts, contact Josephine Beeler.

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