Looking for Health Content Ideas?

If you are looking for health content to post on your social media pages, you are not alone. One of the most difficult aspects of maintaining an active social media presence is finding quality health content to post on your social media pages. As we discussed in our previous blog post, Your Website’s best kept secret, HCA licenses EBSCO health content. What does that mean for your practice? You have access to a complete library of endorsed health content for no cost to your practice. If your Website has a “Healthday News” section or a “Your Health” tab you are already utilizing some of EBSCO’s vast health library. But you are not just limited to posting the content on your Website; you can also post it on your Facebook, Twitter and blog sites. One of the many resources  available through EBSCO is their weekly enewsletter. The enewsletter features their latest health articles. The content varies each week and can be used for almost any specialty. In addition, the enewsletter highlights the health observances for the current month and the upcoming month. By simply clicking on any of the listed health observances, you can access ready to use content about the observance.

Your practice is not automatically signed up for the enewsletter, but signing up takes just seconds. Go to, http://www.ebsconewsletter.com/contentupdate/  and submit your email address in the “Subscribe” section (see below).  It’s that easy!

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