Finding Ideas for Social Media Content

Writers block happens even to the best of us. Whether you’re just starting out with social media or whether you’ve been engaged with your patients and potential patients online for a while, here are a few places you might think to look for content ideas when the well seems to have run dry.

  • Your traditional marketing pieces. What do you promote in your printed marketing materials? Think of a way to turn those tidbits of information into blogs, tweets, and Facebook posts. You’ll probably have to re-write the material for a different angle or a new twist.
  • Your on-hold telephone recording. What snippets about your office do you remind patients when they call your office and you put them on hold? Are there services you promote? Are those services described on your website, too? If not, maybe that information needs to be added to your site or maybe that information would be a good blog topic, Facebook post or tweet.
  • Your website. What information do you have on your website, maybe on your About Us or Home page, that one of your physicians could personalize and use to create a blog? What is special or sets your practice apart from your competition three miles away?
  • Your physicians. What is of interest to your physicians? Why did he become a physician? What is her area of interest or what has he researched and published? What might be interesting or unique about his hobby? Patients like to connect with physicians on a personal level also, whether it’s a shared hobby or shared sports team.
  • Your health library or reliable health website. Most of your websites have a health library that you can use as a resource for health facts, explanations of conditions, symptoms or procedures. and are examples of credible sources that you could use in your content schedules. Look for sites that are HON certified or display an accreditation logo or seal at the footer of the website.

Some examples

From a new patient marketing print flier:

Twitter: The dr can see you. We’re accepting new patients and offer same day appointments if at all possible [insert link to appointments or contact us page].

Facebook: Dr. Brown welcomes new patients. We make every effort to accommodate patients the same day, if possible. Call our office so we can arrange a time convenient for you [insert link to appointments or contact us page].

On hold telephone recording:

Twitter: Don’t wait to schedule those sports or school physicals. We have afternoon appointments available [insert link to appointments or contact us page].

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