Pediatrician Wendy Sue Swanson Discusses Social Media at CIO Forum

During the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives CIO Forum, pediatrician and social media proponent Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson said that physicians don’t have enough time to fully educate their patients during patient visits. Therefore, they should use social media and every other online communication avenue to do a better job for their patients.

Swanson is a part-time physician at the Everett Clinic, Wash. She blogs and creates brief videos about health issues. When her patients’ parents have a question she can’t answer during a visit, she refers them to any relevant blog posts and videos.

Dr.  Wendy Sue Swanson has developed her own set of simple social media rules:

  • Never discuss patient specific conditions
  • Don’t post anonymously
  • Remember that everybody’s watching
  • Be nice

To read more about her message at the CIO Forum, read FierceHealthIT’s post.

You can also visit Dr. Swanson’s blog at Seattle Mama Doc and The Everitt Clinic’s Facebook Page at

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