Establishing a digital presence

Howard Luks, M.D., is a member of the External Advisory Board for the Mayo Clinic for Social Media. A couple of months ago, he wrote a blog post for the Mayo Clinic titled, Establishing a Digital Media Presence for Healthcare Professionals. In the post, he discusses the background of social media, steps for getting started, motivation, reputation management, perceived obstacles, planning, and how to step onto the social media stage. It is a helpful social media road map for anyone considering getting started.

Dr. Luks writes, “According to a recent AMA study, which also cites a study by the Pew Internet Research Group, in 2011, nearly 80% of  internet users, or 60% of all adults, have searched online for health information. These empowered or engaged patients are not just using the Internet to become more educated about their orthopedic issues, but they are actively seeking advice as well as support. Currently, the source of this advice and content comes from a few engaging providers, a few engaging institutions, but most patients are exposed to a significant amount of commercialized nonsense driven by a profit motive.

Simply put, social networking and digital technology enables individuals, physicians, hospitals, and patients to create online profiles and connect with one another.  Perhaps most relevant to the Physician and other health care professionals and institutions is that the majority of these patients are researching their physician and their respective institutions prior to their visit to your office —  they are checking your online reputation, and the message or image you portray.”

Click here to read Dr. Howard Luks’ full post.



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