9 Ways to Promote your Practice’s Social Profiles

To increase your connections on your practice’s social networking profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc), you need to promote your practice’s online presence more than just on Facebook and Twitter. Multichannel marketing is an important part of a successful social media strategy.

Here are 9 tactics you can start using today to promote your practice’s online presence:

1) Add the links to your social media sites to your Outlook email signature. It is easier than you think to do!  Click here for step by step instructions.

2) Add the links to your practice’s business cards. Keep in mind, there is only so  much room on your business cards so just add the link to your most important social networking site.

3) Add the social media icons and links to your Website. If you don’t already have the links to your social sites on your practice’s Website, contact HCA Web Services Online Marketing Strategist, Josephine Beeler.

4) Display information about your online presence in your office. Put up flyers and posters letting patients know where they can find you online. Best of all, HCA Web Services has already developed material you can  use. Contact Josephine Beeler for more information.

5) Display in your marketing material. Sending out mailers? Advertising in a magazine? Have a brochure? Simply, add the URLs to your social networks on your advertising material. This should be a no-brainer for your practice. You are already spending money on advertising, why not get the most out of it? Like your business cards, you may have limited space. If so, just add the link to your most used social networking site.

6) Announce at events. During your next health fair or speaking event, make sure to tell attendees about your online presence.

7) Download to your phone. If you have a smartphone, download the main social networking sites to it. This way  you can respond to patients’ questions or update your Page on the go, not just when you are at your computer.

8) Add to your practice’s answering machine and on-hold message. What better time to tell patients about your online presence than when they are on hold.

9) Make it top of mind for your practice. If your practice is not excited about its online presence, how can you expect anyone else to be? Make sure that you, your physicians, nurses and office staff are talking to patients about your online presence. According to a recent study, one of the main reasons patients say they have not connecting with their physician practice online, is simply because they did not know they could! In order for people to find and engage with you they need to know you exist online!

Don’t simply hope patients will think to look for your practice online. Actively reach out to them through activities you are already doing!


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