Fresh Out of Blog Content Ideas? Try This New Idea.

Identifying the topic for your next blog or waiting on a physician to finish content for your practice’s blog can be time consuming exercises that threaten adherence to the content schedule you planned. So, what to do? Consider this: sources other than physicians for your next blog. Who are other experts in your office and what might they have to say?

TriStar Family Medical Group in Tennessee has an LPN with life experience that drives her to propone early detection of breast cancer via mammogram. She wrote a moving blog to inspire women to do the right thing. Here’s an excerpt:

My aunt and a special patient of mine fought breast cancer the same way they tackle every aspect of life – hard and head on. Both have survived this disease with unwavering grace and are my inspiration for promoting early detection of breast cancer. So, these are some things you must know….read more.

Florida Heart and Vascular Care got creative and had their practice manager write a great blog full of reminders and advice for Being a Prepared Patient.

For more ideas, check out Confession #11: I struggle to assemble blog content. What are some new ideas?

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