5 Social Media Rules You Learned in Kindergarten

In a post on Regan.com, Laura Finlayson writes, “I often hear people say their company is not ready to use social media. It doesn’t have a large following, it’s locally-based, or it’s too small. My response: ‘That’s why you need to start now.’ After all, social media can be a cost-effective way to increase your business’s following, generate buzz about your products and services, and help your company grow.”

Laura goes on to say the same rules for kindergarten apply to your social media marketing efforts:

Be kind to others. Talk with your patients, not at them.

Use one toy at a time. Don’t launch you practice’s Facebook, Twitter and blog site all at the same time unless you have the dedicated resources to update them regularly (and by that we mean a few times a month, not a few times a year). It is better to launch one at a time and do it well, then fail at all three.

Use your indoor voice. Posting Facebook message after Facebook message with your office hours won’t get patients in the door. It is like shouting at your patients with a megaphone when you should be talking with them over a cup of coffee.

Play by the rules. Know HCA’s social media policy and the site’s policy.

Practice patience. It takes time to build a strong following. Don’t expect it to happen overnight and then be disappointed when it doesn’t. Remember, quality of quantity of likes.

Click here to read Laura Finlayson’s post.


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