A New Year’s Resolution for your Practice

You make New Year’s resolutions for yourself, why not also make one for your practice? A common problem among HCAPS practices is that they do not actively encourage patients to review them online. When a practice receives a negative review, it devastates the practice’s online reputation because the practice has no other reviews to counterbalance the one bad review. HCA’s Web service’s recommendation:  Make a resolution to garner positive reviews across all your practice’s online profiles.

Here are 5 easy ways to generate more online reviews:

1)      Next time a patient gives your practice a compliment during their visit, ask the patient to share their experience online.

2)      Give out flyers asking patients to write a review about your practice online. Be sure to include specific instructions concerning what online review sites to visit.

3)      Tweet and make Facebook status updates linking patients to the major review sites and encourage patients to write a review.

4)      Make sure all your information is correct on the review sites. Patients won’t be able to find your practice to write a review if your practice information is not correct!

5)      Create a little friendly competition. Give a prize to the person in your office that has the most positive mentions on the review sites. This will ensure that your entire office is working to improve your online reputation.

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