10 Marketing Terms Every Practice Manager Should Know

The medical community is often given slack for using hard to understand medical “jargon,” but IT  / online marketing gurus are often just as guilty.  No need to run for your dictionary next time you talk to HCA’s Web services team, here are non techy definitions  for 10 of the most commonly used online marketing terms:


Analytics allow site administers to track visitors’ habits, such as the referring URL and the actions that visitors take once on your website (are visitors going directly to appointment information or bouncing off your site all together). This data is used to strengthen, or modify, your Website content and online marketing efforts to improve your Website ROI.

Click-Through Rate (CTR):

CTR stands for click-through rate, which is the number of clicks your online marketing effort (ad, e-newsletter, etc) received versus the number of times it was shown. CTR is often used as a campaign success metric.

Conversion tracking:

Conversion tracking is the process of analyzing which marketing methods and behaviors (Google AdWords, Facebook ad, etc) led to a desired result (scheduling an appointment, signing up for your e-newsletter, etc). Before launching any type of marketing campaign, it is crucial to first determine the goal of the campaign and how you are going to measure whether the goal is reached.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. SEO is the purposeful effort of modifying your practice”s website to increase its rank in search engine indices (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

SEM stands for search engine marketing. It can also be any other methods that you use to improve your practice’s Website ranking, such as  link building. online advertisements.

Pay Per Click (PPC):

Pay per click refers to is an advertising method which allows for quick and widespread exposure for your website. You are only charged by the site you are advertising with (Google, Bing, etc) when a user clicks on your advertisement.

Cost Per Click (CPC):

Cost per click is a term used with pay per click programs to determine the costs of each click on your ad.


This term is related to the email marketing industry and is used when describing permission-based sending of messages.


Also called “key phrases” and “keyword phrases,” these are the words users typed into the search engine before coming to your Website.

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP):

SERP stands for search engine results pages and it refers to the page displayed when somebody searches for a keyword in a search engine, such as Google.

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