Have You Googled Yourself?

Have you ever Googled yourself or your practice? Did you know that you have an ever growing online reputation? In the recent blog post, Doctors, Google Thyself, explains the importance of knowing what is being said about your practice online. “If you are involved in social media then you are contributing to your online reputation. If not, your online reputation is being written for you,” comments Dr. Livingston. “There is a conversation taking place about you online, but unfortunately you may not be included in it.”

80% of people look up information online.  The blog outlines the process of the users’ health related searches:

Before a patient sees a physician they research their symptoms online and try to decide what is wrong.

Next, they search online for doctors and read online reviews to decide who to see.

Then, they schedule an appointment to see you.

After the appointment they go back online to see if you knew what you were talking about.

Dr. Livingston goes on to explain how his practice has benefited from having a social presence. Click here to read his full blog post.

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