Is your practice collecting email addresses? If not, you should.

Email is still a favorite way for some people to receive information. In fact, the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project tracking surveys (2002-2011) report that sending and reading email is still the #1 activity on the Internet and that 99% of Internet users say they use email.

Here’s how we can help

Many of your patients may be wishing you would communicate with them via email because that is how they prefer to receive information and email can be a great way to promote your practice. Are you asking for an email address on your new patient registration form and permission to contact them via email? Here’s what we provide that can help you out:

  • new patient forms that allow you to collect email addresses and consent  to use them
  • a form you can place on your website for patients or potential patients to sign up for an e-newsletter
  • some content that’s already written for you. Use ours or use yours!
  • reports that give you new insight into your patient’s interests and lots of data to tell you who’s opening your emails, who wants to receive future issues and more


Get help getting started

Check out these examples: new patient form and enewsletter form and if you’re interested in sending an e-newsletter from your practice, contact the HCA Web Team for more information.

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