Google Goes Social

Google’s little +1 button  will soon have a huge impact on your practice. In the near future, it will be displayed in campaigns, various advertisements, on your Website and even next to search results. Already on over 1 million Websites and receiving over 5 billion impressions a day,  the +1 button is the fastest growing social recommendation widget in history.

The +1 is Google’s way of tracking who is recommending and interacting with your practice across the web. Soon, all the +1s your practice has received will be connected directly to your official Google+ Page, anchored to your identity and allowing you to analyze data related to those +1 clicks. With more +1 clicks in aggregate, Google will be able to take those recommendations and analytics and leverage your practice where it makes the most sense. For instance, when a user searches on Google for a new family physician in Smyrna, TN,  they might see that their friend has clicked the +1 button for StoneCrest Family Physicians. Seeing that their friend has thought highly enough about StoneCrest to recommend it, will make it more likely that the user will click on StoneCrest’s Website and ultimately become a new patient. Being able to instantly see friend’s physician recommendations will have a huge impact on the number of referrals to your practice.

In addition, Google is making your Google+ Page easier to find. Users will be able to go directly to your practice’s Google+ Page by simply searching the plus symbol and your practice’s name in Google Search. This feature will open your practice’s Page to a new set of patients and potential patients.

Click here for more information about Google+ and the +1 button.

To ensure that your practice is not left in the dust as these changes are implemented by Google:

– Establish a Google+ Page for your practice. Not sure how? Contact Josephine Beeler ( for step by step instructions.

– +1 your practice’s Website and encourage your staff to do the same.

-Display posters and handout flyers asking patients to +1 your practice.  Contact Josephine Beeler for promotional material your practice can use.

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