What Posts Get the Highest Engagement Among Facebook Users

If your practice has a Facebook Page then you probably understand how difficult it is to generate user engagement. Understanding what posts get the highest response from users can help your page connect with more patients and potential patients. A recent study by Web Liquid does just that. They analyzed 16 brands and 1,500 brand posts to see which posts saw the highest engagement (comments and likes). They found that posts with:

-photos saw a .37% engagement rate

-videos saw a .31% engagement rate

-text saw a .27% engagement rate

-links saw a .15% engagement rate

These findings confirm other studies. For example, Momentus Media, analyzed the top 20,000 Facebook pages and found posts with photos saw a 0.21% engagement rate, while videos saw 0.11% and links saw 0.07%.

They have also found that companies that ask users to “like” a post saw a .28% engagement rate. Interestingly, companies that ask users to “comment” on a post saw a lower engagement rate at .14%

Despite Facebook’s recent changes, photos remain an integral part of posts. For Instance, the new Timeline relies heavily on photos. As Facebook introduces more verbs beyond “like,” companies could develop new ways to increase engagement on their pages. Testing different types of posts is one of the best ways to determine what works (and doesn’t work) for your practice. But keep in mind, for highest engagement keep content fresh. If you ask users to “like” every one of your posts, it will quickly lose its appeal.

For more information on the study, click here.

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