A Fantastic Physician Blog

It’s official! The HCA Web Services Team has received a favorite physician blog! It’s from Dr. Cobb at the Tristar Medical Group Family Physicians and it will be posted later this month. Go ahead and start following his blog so you won’t miss it.

What’s the blog about? Dr. Cobb’s children left him a stuffed tiger to keep him company at his office. Soon after, Dr. Cobb met with a patient who was in the military and was going to Iraq. Dr. Cobb sent the tiger with the soldier for an adventure of a lifetime. The tiger became a mascot for the patient’s fellow soldiers who sent home pictures and life lessons for Dr. Cobb’s children and all who read this blog entry. The pictures and stories and lessons they could send home, but they couldn’t part with their new fuzzy friend who reminded them of home and more peaceful places than where they were stationed.

Why is it so great? Several reasons including:

  • It tells you something endearing about Dr. Cobb. When you read it, you’ll know that Dr. Cobb cares about this patient and his loyalty to our country. You find out Dr. Cobb wants his children to have respect and appreciation for our home country, the military, different cultures and places. Sharing the tiger was just a small, every day gesture that ended up having a much larger impact. What was intended to give his family a personal connection to a military situation miles away ended up being far more than that. It’s a compelling story that will draw attention.
  • Pictures go with the blog entry. Blogs with pictures are much more interesting to readers and make it easy to connect to the subject matter and, ultimately, the physician.
  • Relationship to other content on his blog. Dr. Cobb gives some information about mission trips where he has provided care in Haiti. This furthers a reader’s understanding of his commitment to his role as a physician, to his local patients and to serving the patients of other places with the medical knowledge he has.
  • Conversational and original. Turns out, Dr. Cobb is an engaging writer. His style is conversational and sincere sprinkled with well placed humor – exactly the recipe for relaying to his readers that he’s approachable and empathetic and legitimate in his concern for the well being of his patients no matter what continent they’re on.
  • Happy side effects. It wasn’t Dr. Cobb’s intent to target military families or stuffed toy makers, but because he did, he may enjoy some happy side effects. He has posted something that will be meaningful to military families and may inspire them to choose him as their family physician, too. And, the toy was a Webkinz, which he mentions, and could garner him some search engine strength.


We’ll continue to let you know about particularly great blogs from physicians, but we wanted to go ahead and let you know what separates this one from most so your physician can be developing the next blog that strikes our fancy and gets the attention of other practice managers reading this blog.

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