People Are Talking About This?

You have probably noticed several recent changes to your practice’s Facebook Page. One of the major changes Facebook rolled out last week was the new metric,  “People Are Talking About This.” The purpose of the metric is to show users how many people are talking about a page. It is prominently featured below the number of “likes” on a Facebook page. The “People Are Talking About This” number is based on the total interactions people had with your Page over the last seven days.

The different interactions that make up the metric are any stories (formerly “posts”) that users share in their timeline. This includes:

  • liking a Page
  • posting to a Page’s Wall
  • liking, commenting on or sharing a Page post (or other content on a page, like photos, videos or albums)
  • answering a Question posted
  • RSVPing to an event
  • mentioning a Page in a post
  • phototagging a Page
  • liking or sharing a check-in deal
  • checking in at a Place

The higher the number the better. When posting updates to your Facebook Page, think about what will engage users and get them to respond. One of the best ways to encourage a response is to simply pose a question. What is your favorite healthy recipe? What outdoor activity are you going to do with your family this weekend? What do you think is the leading cause of… ?

Click here for more information about “people are talking about this.”

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