Twitter: Getting More Followers by Following Others

So your practice is on Twitter and you have a few followers. But how do you get more followers? Well, when you get the chance you should certainly be telling your patients that your practice is now on Twitter and ask them to follow you. And, you should have your posters and fliers proudly displayed around your office. Another way you can get more followers on Twitter is to follow other healthcare organizations, other HCA practices and other HCA hospitals who are on Twitter because they will likely follow you back. If you’re wondering how to find others to follow on Twitter, check out It’s kind of like a Twitter directory that can help you find other healthcare organizations that your practice might want to follow. Of course, you’ll want to use common sense about who to follow. You’ll want to follow organizations and groups that would be posting information that would be of interest to your patients. Your favorite sports team or personal friend may be on Twitter also and may be of interest to you, but they might not be of interest to your practice or your patients.

Some examples and ideas of who to follow:

There are lots of organizations and people on Twitter who could be of interest to your patients. Happy following!

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