The Positve Impact of Social Media on One Physician Practice

Natasha Burgert, MD wrote an excellent post for about the positive return on investment her practice experienced from social media in just one year. A few of the many benefits outlined in her blog post include:

Increase in new patient traffic. She saw an average of 1 new patient per week who came because of her practice’s social media presence.

Improved SEO. All her work is available publicly and with full disclosure of authorship so patients can easily find her.

Saved time. She can quickly answer common patient questions which saves face-to-face clinic time for basic questions.  

Expanded professional knowledge base. Following leaders in the field of pediatrics has allowed her to stay up to date on the latest trends and health news.

Dr. Burgert goes on to write:

 But what is all of this really about?

It’s about the dad who tells me he went to the health department and got a TDaP before his new son was born.

It’s about the complete stranger who sees me in my office building and says, “Are you Dr. Natasha? Thanks for writing about kids and fever. I had some questions and it came at just the right time.”

The beauty of social is that I never talked with these parents about these health and safety issues. Parents made good decisions for their families after getting the information. Period. That’s all they needed, and that’s all it took.

Click here to read the full blog post.

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