7 Simple Ways to Boost Your SEO Presence

While SEO is a hot topic, improving it can seem overwhelming. REGAN’s Health Care Communication News recently provided 7 simple tips for boosting your practice’s SEO presence. It just might be easier than you think!

Take a look at these seven ways:

Find related keywords

Make a list of words relevant to your health care specialty or website theme. Choose words that will attract people and carry out your business objective.

Add the keywords to the page title

Your page title is the most important aspect of your website. Search engines evaluate your title to determine what is on a web page. Add your keywords to the page title.

Add the keywords to the URL

Choosing a URL is important. Search engines view the text in your URL to understand the web page. Use your keyword in your URL.

Add the keywords into the meta data

Gather up your keywords and add them into the page description. The blurb should be easily read and short.

Add the keywords into your H1 text

The H1 text is usually found at the top of your web page. Search engines review this and add importance to the H1 text words.

Use the keywords in your page content

Try to fit your keywords organically into the text of your page to notify search engines that the content is actually relevant to the theme.

Monitor your results

Check Google and other search engines to test your rank and to see test if your SEO is working.

Click here to read REGAN’s full blog post.

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