How to Set Up Physician Profiles on Vitals has found that most physician’s information is incorrect on Vitals, a leading online directory. Vitals often ranks higher than the practice’s Website on search engines making it crucial that the information is correct. In one case, a physician had nearly 20 positive testimonies on Vitals, but his contact information was wrong. Potential patients looking at the powerful reviews on his profile could not make an appointment or even find his correct practice name.

 After a physician creates an account on vitals, their information can be updated within minutes. Follow these simple instructions update physician profiles on Vitals:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click “get started.”

Step 3: Fill in your information and click “get started.” If you are signing up one physician to Vitals, use the Gmail account and password provided your practice when creating your login information. If you are unsure about your Gmail account information, contact If you are signing up multiple physicians, please note you cannot use one email address for multiple physician’s login information. You will need a unique email address for each physician. Also note, you will need your physician’s state license number and birth date to complete the information.

Step 4: Verify your account information. Vitals will mail a confirmation letter to the primary address associated with your practice.

Step 5:  Add information about your practice. Add as much detailed information as possible to your practice’s profile. Patients can search specific fields, such as the types of insurance accepted, when they are looking for a new physician. The more information that is listed the more likely it is that your practice will appear in search results.

A few of the key fields you will need to add information to include:

  • Special Expertise 
  • Hospital Affiliation
  • Education
  • Insurance Accepted
  • Awards & Distinctions
  • Publications

 Work with your physician when filling out the information to ensure that no pertinent information is left out.

Step 6: Invite your colleagues and patients to review your practice. Keep in mind that your reviews directly impact your rating on Vitals.

Step 7: Monitor and update your Vitals profile at least once a month. Patients will not be able to find your practice unless your profile has accurate information.

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