Creating and Sharing Great Content Builds Authority for Your Brand

Here is a summary of a great blog post from

Content drives conversations. Conversation engages your customers.

Engaging with people is how your company will survive and thrive in this newly social world. Creating and sharing relevant, valuable information that attracts people to you and creates trust, credibility, and authority for your brand and that ultimately converts visitors and browsers into patients. The one who has the more engaging content wins, because frequent and regular contact builds a relationship.

Content is not the same as copywriting which is meant to sell.  Content has users needs in minds and keeps them coming back and believe it or not it can also establish trust with the brand.  

Where can you get great content?

1. Thought leaders. Most thought leaders are honored when you ask them to write content for consumers on your website.  Be transparent about your relationship with the thought leader and include her/his credentials.

2. Influencers. Why not reach out to someone who is an online influencer and ask them to write content for you website ?  You’d be surprised how far that can go to engage your audience.

3. Credible third parties. HCA licenses content from EBSCO, Healthday News and Kids Health. They all provide great information you can utilize on your sites. Take advantage of it!

4. News Feeds. A good news feed, like Reuters Health News, can ensure that visitors come back to your site again and again to catch up on health information.

Click here to read the full blog post by Richard Meyer.

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