Jawbone Announces Up, A Wristband To Track Health, Fight Obesity

Jawbone announced the project they’ve been quietly working on for years: A wearable band called Up, which is infused with sensors and smartphone connected, allowing you to track your eating, sleeping, and activity patterns. The data is fed into a smartphone app, which also takes information about your meals. Based on all the information, the smartphone program provides “nudges” meant to help you live healthier lifestyle. For example, if you haven’t slept much, when you wake up the app might suggest a high-protein breakfast and an extra glass of water.

“The CDC says that for the first time in history, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes are killing more people than communicable diseases,” said Travis Bogard, Jawbone’s VP of product management. “We’re trying to solve that problem.”

Click here to read full article by Co Design.

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