New Study Shows Over Half of Consumers Select a Hospital Based on their Social Media Presence

A new survey by YouGov Healthcare, a hospital research firm, found that 57 percent of consumers said that a hospital’s social media connections would strongly affect their decision to receive treatment at that facility.

The positive correlation between social networking and hospital selection may stem from the fact that 81 percent of healthcare consumers consider a hospital with an active online presence to be more “cutting edge.”

The study also found that:

–       One in four consumers will connect with hospitals through social networking tools in the future.

–       Women between the ages of 36-64 are the most likely to connect with a hospital through social media.

Such responses could help hospitals design their social media strategies to more effectively engage current patients, successfully promote their services to potential patients, as well as make the hospital and healthcare information more accessible to its community.

Click here to learn more.

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