Confession #1: I don’t know if I can take pics of health fair participants and use them on my site.

I had this idea that it would make my site more interesting if I included pictures of people who come to our health fairs at local employers, but I didn’t know if I could use pictures of real people or not. So, I talked to my division Marketing Director and she advised I take a stack of Photo Release Forms with me and get the pictured people to sign those releases before using their picture on my site. She tells me every Marketing Director has a Photo Release form, so I bet yours does, too. The exact coverage of each form may vary, but it is likely you can get the release form signed and use the photos on your site, on your social media outlets, and even on your print material. Just read carefully and know how you can use the pics you collect. My Marketing Director was happy to clarify for me what exactly our release covers.


So, I’m going to take a stack of forms with me and if I don’t get enough people to agree to sign, then I’m going to have my own office staff sign those releases and pose as health fair participants! First thing I have to do is remember to pack the camera on health fair days.

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